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Ways to Talk & Yet Say Nothing, or Ways to Not Talk & Yet Say Everything is a limited edition publication created in collaboration with the Women's Studio Workshop, New York, United States. It was handmade and produced in an edition of fifty. Ways to Talk & Yet Say Nothing, or Ways to Not Talk & Yet Say Everything is part of a larger project called
The Architecture of Conversation

  The Architecture of Conversation began as a series of studies examining a collapse in communication between two people through the use of the universally recognised (and oft scorned) speech balloon. Later, however, the project became more focused on linguistic theory and semantics. Philosophers such as Mikhail Bakhtin with his theories on spoken and thought words and Jacques Derrida’s deconstructionist principles have particularly informed this body
of drawn, printed and sculptural works.
  Throughout the duration of the 2-month residency the team at WSW offered invaluable technical assistance and expertise in the creation of the publication,
which utilises intaglio, silkscreen, letterpress and lasercut processes and has
been produced in an edition of fifty copies. It explores spoken and unspoken communication, in particular monologues, dialogues and colloquies via the
speech balloon.


Women's Studio Workshop is a non-profit visual arts organisation which was founded in 1974 by four women artists who were committed to developing an alternative space for artists to create new work and share skills. Today WSW is the largest publisher of hand-printed artists’ books in the United States. It also offers the only visual arts residency in the United States solely for women.



Since establishing the Artist in Residence (AIR) Programme in 1979, WSW has supported over 500 artists from around the world in paid and unpaid residencies. WSW’s residency programmes have had the continuous support of the National Endowment for the Arts
since 2002.


Ways to Talk & Yet Say Nothing, or Ways to Not Talk & Yet Say Everything is held in the following repositories and collections: Yale University, US; New York Public Library, US; Harvard University, US; Library of Congress, US; Indiana University Bloomington, US; Lafayette College, US; Rochester Institute of Technology, US; University of Delaware, US; Vassar College, US; Virginia Commonwealth University, US; Bucknell University, US.

WSW also has publications held in over 200 other archives worldwide.


You can see how this project unfolded by visiting Sketchbook (an archived blog).

The publication and research trip was funded by an Artist's Book Residency Grant from the Women's Studio Workshop and Plymouth University.



Ways to Talk & Yet Say Nothing, or Ways to Not Talk & Yet Say Everything:
Dimensions: 33.8 cm x 27.3 cm
Paper: Lenox 100
ISBN: 1-893125-79-3

Edition: 50
Price: $750

Please contact the Women's Studio Workshop for further information or to purchase a copy.


Exhibited at: Print Only Please, Roos Arts, Rosendale, New York, USA; The Architecture of Conversation, Plymouth University, UK





Publication folio   Publication folio   Publication folio   Accompanying letterpressed booklet   Excoriate (Laser cut)   Flee (Intaglio)   Surrender (Silkscreen) Our Speech is Filled with Other's Words The Shadow of a Whisper from Beneath 1000 Pages [Relief print with white carbon paper]   Dialogue of the Deaf [Silkscreen]   Deleted Exclamation [Pressed silkscreen]   Soliloquy [Silkscreen]   Imbroglio [Intaglio]   Working in the intaglio studio at Women's Studio Workshop   Working in the intaglio studio at Women's Studio Workshop   Studio wall   Studio wall   Printing an edition
Death of a Pencil
Portable Document